Day out in Rotterdam? The shopping guide Rotterdam shows residents, day trippers and tourists the best hotspots and shops in Rotterdam North, divided into three shopping areas:



The Zwaanshals/zaagmolenkade is a cosy concentrated shopping area with a variety of unique shops, delicious to discover. Step into the different galleries with contemporary art. Shop street-fashion, handmade, designer clothes or casual jeans. Surprise yourself with fine furniture and Interior items of both known and upcoming designers. Get some personal care at a salon. Buy special accessories or score a super second-hand bag, all shops are close to each other. And of course you will also find delicious restaurants for a beer, cup of coffee or tea. Be surprised by the diversity of restaurants for a dinner, lunch or a fresh breakfast. Cooled down on the terrace by the water? Get to your B&B or hotel quickly and enjoy all things you’ve bought!



While on the Noordplein the lively markets and events take place, the diverse Northern boulevard formed by the two contiguous shopping streets: Zwart Janstraat and Noordmolenstraat. Visit specialized quality shops like the leather goods business, the optician and hearing aid shop and the wine shop, hike along the Rotterdam mix of specialized entrepreneurs, franchise shops and famous fast food chains. Greengrocers, butchers and Moroccan delicacies in addition to sports, shoe, clothing shops and drug stores. On the Northern boulevard you will find everything you need.



When it was built in 1905 the Hofbogen functioned solely as a railway line and viaduct were all areas under the were arches open. In the 1920s most loops of Hofplein were closed off. After the war, the arches to the Gordelweg closed to serve as storage or enterprise space. Nowadays the Hofbogen function as an Office, workshop or showroom for urban entrepreneurs of food&drinks, design&arts, architecture, lifestyle, body&health, fashion or music. Get some of the culture flowing while walking amongst these loops.