The 10 best tips for an unforgettable day in Rotterdam

A day in Rotterdam is great if you can schedule it in advance, even better with all these interesting attractions and places. Hence here the top 10 most fun attractions that you must have seen!


10. Rotterdam Central station & Doelenplein

Upon arrival in Rotterdam, the main Railway Station is a nice starting point of your visit. The contemporary, large station has several shops and all kinds of public transport options: train, tram, metro, bus and taxi’s. The best of all is the OV-bike, that you can use to ride all around the city!

Nearby, around the Schouwburgplein there is the Schouwburg for theathre and other plays. The Doelen for classical music, concerts and congresses and the Pathé cinema for movies.


9. Koopgoot & The Lijnbaan

The Lijnbaan is the first free-of-cars shopping centre in the world and is named after ‘slaan van touwen’, that took place in this location for a long time. This is currently the most busy shopping centre of Rotterdam.

Another traffic-free shopping street is the Koopgoot (officially called Beurstraverse) right in the centre of Rotterdam. It’s underneath the Coolsingel, Lijnbaan and Hoogstraat. In the Koopgoot you can find over forty different shops. From fashion to food and alot more. Sometimes a new shop will open, like the new Cookie Dough Bar! If you want to know more about new shops and events, check this website of the koopgoot.


8. Erasmusbrug & Architecture

The icon of Rotterdam is the Erasmusbrug, this 800 meter long bridge connects North and South of Rotterdam. A walk across the bridge gives you a grand and involved feeling. The 139 meter tall pylon holds the forty steel cables and bridge in place. At night this comes to life with beautiful lights.

The buildings as “the Rotterdam”, “The Red Apple” and “Nedlloyd” make the Maas a great location to walk around and admire the beautiful skyline of Rotterdam. Netherlands tallest building currently is the “Maas Tower” , with it’s height of 164,75 meters. The first skyscraper in Europe was built in 1897. ‘The White Huis’ is 45 meters tall, take a look of it from the ‘Oude Haven’.


7.  Euromast & Maastunnel

Do you want to experience a real ‘high tea’? Go to the restaurant in the Euromast. High above the city you can enjoy the far and unobstructed view, or if you dare you go down abseiling! The first 360° panorama deck is at 112 meters tall. If that isn’t enough for you you can go up in the rotating glass elevator up to 185 meters. (highers lookout tower in NL). You can even spend the night in the Euromast and admire the stars at night. A super fun attraction that yoy shouldn’t miss!

Then travel down with the beautiful wooden stairs to the bottem of maastunnel. During your descent you will read about the long history of this place. At the bottom of the tunnel there are only a few meters to seperate the concrete and the many tons of water from the Maas.



6.  Cubic houses & Oude Haven

The Cubic Houses, also known as Overblaak or Blaakse bos extend over the Burgemeester van Walsumweg, only a few meters from the Markthal. Noticable by the distinctive yellow color and unusual shape. Museum Cubic House: a house decorated like a museum.

At the back, located at The Oude Haven there is more. Because of the estatic atmosphere on the haven and the many terraces of different restaurants, this is a really delightful spot in the middle of the city

5.  ZOO – Diergaarde Blijdorp

Recently Diergaarde Blijdorp has been crowend as best Zoo of the Netherlands.By taking care of the animals, constantly renewing and improving their stay, it translates in the high amount of cute offspring from all the extrodinary animals. A visit to this Zoo surely is pleasant, coming eye to eye with your favorite animals.

4.  Museum Boijmans & Arthal

As one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands, it holds the collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Almost like a cut-out of the history of art. It not only holds the many old and beautiful paintings like the famous painter Dali, Magritte or Mondriaan, but also modern work and design hold a permanent spot here. Besides that there are workshops given, events and temporary exhibitions. You’ll be pleasantly surprised every time you visit.

Just past the rose garden of the museum, there is another must-see: The Arthal It doesn’t have its own collection but they show many different exhibitions and is definitely worth the effort.


3.  SS Rotterdam

Starting from the back-deck of The SS Rotterdam you look upon a atmospheric haven. Nowadays the great restored passenger ship is stuck at the 3th Katendrechtsehoofd 25. From about 1870 to 1970, thousands of passengers went to America from the Cruise Ship terminal on the Whilhelminapier. Entrance to the ship is free. There are two excellent restaurants and you can also sleep at the hotel of the ship. Sign up for the tour or visit a show at the stylish Theatre, where stars have been like Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra.

2.  The Markthal & Market

A must-see of Rotterdam is the Markthal: an indoor hall with market stalls build off of houses. De shape reminds you of the top of a wagon. The ceiling of the hall is covered with the greatest work of art of The Netherlands: “Horn of Plenty” by Iris van Roskam & Arno Coenen. Which is reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel.
In the stairway to the parking garage underneath the Marthal is a “Time Stairs”: a free archaeology-exhibition of medieval soil finds during the contruction.

Every Tuesday and Saturday there is a big Market on the Rotterdam Binnenrotte with over 400 stalls. You can come here for fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, cheese, cake and candy, fabrics, clothing, plants and much more other groceries. There is also a vintage area and even a free bicycle stall.


1.  The Fenix Food Factory & Watertaxi

The Fenix Food Factory at Katendrecht is a unique experience. Over the bridge ‘de Hoerenloper’ (Rijnhavenbrug) behind Hotel New York you’ll find the Fenixloods. A place of entrepreneurs with mainly local produce: Rotterdam Beer. freshly baked bread, fruity juices and cheese & sausage, in addition to books, art and vintage products. After the bombing and fire in 1947 these buildings were resurrected to a unique Rotterdam experience.

Even more fun if you take a ride in the Watertaxi. There are fifty different boarding places, like behind the Maritime Museum or at the ferry terminal. For only a few euro’s you will experience a whole different spectacular piece of the city and world-famous harbor.